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Welcome to Our Community Center

We have been immensely blessed by God to have such a wonderful facility within which to help our community.

Harvest House Woodstock is an inter-denominational, Christ-centered, faith-based, street level ministry that endeavours to show the compassion of Jesus Christ through real tangible ways. These "ways" include but are not necessarily limited to: a weekly community meal, drop-in center, temporary shelter services, individual case management, one-on-one mentoring in a non-threatening environment, weekly fellowship service, a 12-Step recovery program, Bible studies, formal and informal counseling, job readiness and life skills. As well as, a 9-month addictions recovery program, located in Moncton, NB.

We also provide internships for those studying Adolescent, Child and Youth Care, Human Service Counsellor and other related religious study programs.


Our Monday Night and Saturday Night suppers help feed hungry bellies while giving us a chance to connect with a number of people in our community on either side of the counter.  We are blessed to have so many come out and volunteer their time and energy to making these suppers a real possibility.


We are also excited to be moving toward meeting the needs of homelessness in our county through our step-up housing program and would invite you to click the donate buttons on the right side and bottom of this page if you would like to be part of making this very real need a reality for Woodstock and Carleton County.



Please help to ensure Harvest House keeps helping our community. Make a donation today!

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