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The Harvest House Step-up Program is a housing program designed to help you as you take a step up in your life.

Did you just begin work?

Are you enrolled in school? 

Are you a regular volunteer in the community?

The Step-up Program wants to help you advance toward your goals in a safe and friendly environment.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible? 

Our Step-up is open to adult men who are taking a step up in their lives. This includes securing work,returning to school,actively volunteering, attending life skills training , etc.

Does it cost anything? 

Residents of Step-up pay a monthly fee to stay in the program.

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew for those living in Step-up housing unless it is specified in your plan.

How do I apply?

you can print off the application below and send it to our address below or drop it off at the office.

Or you can click on the link and fill it out online and submit it from here.

Where will I live? 

Our Step-up Program currently consists of one property within walking distance to the downtown core. Your residence will be determined by the Step-up housing board based on availability and best fit. 

What is the process to be placed in a house?

Applications are processed every Monday with the exception of holidays. Each applicant is interviewed shortly after.

How long can I stay in the Program?

This will vary for each individual based on their needs and their plan. It is not a permanent room.

Who will help me move forward? 

Harvest House offers many resources for those who need help stepping up. These include a pastoral team for personal help, a case manager for help with outside resources, house supervisors, and many others. Our team is here to help you get as much as possible out of the program. 

Hear what some of residents have to say about our program.

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